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This website is a compilation of facts, documents, and my knowledge of a recent auto accident in which I was involved and is intended to better illustrate how the accident occurred.

This accident is referenced in Illinois Motorist records by Report No. 01-16515 and in State Farm Insurance records by Claim No. 13-7326-667.

Brief Description of Accident

The accident occurred in Lisle, Illinois, on the evening of Sunday, May 6, 2001, at around 9:10 pm local time. I was driving east along Maple Avenue (DuPage County Highway 17), in the inner eastbound lane, and had reached a point approximately one-fifth of a mile west of Route 53, when someone - allegedly attempting to cross Maple Avenue, going south - walked immediately in front of my vehicle, resulting in our collision. My vehicle suffered extensive damage to the hood, front windshield, roof, and the underhood compartment, while the pedestrian suffered injuries to the head and leg.

Upon stopping the vehicle, I turned into the outer eastbound lane and parked, just several feet behind where the pedestrian lay conscious on the pavement. Someone, presumably an acquaintance of the pedestrian, called for help. Emergency medical personnel and police arrived within a few minutes and assumed control of the situation.

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Map of Accident Location

North is upward.

The red star at the center denotes the approximate location of the accident.

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