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Dirk Bogarde
Charlotte Rampling
Philippe Leroy
Gabriele Ferzetti
Isa Miranda

VHS /NTSC Format

Rated 'R' by MPAA
Running Time: 118 mins.

Description from box:
    After World War II, writer-director Liliana Cavani interviewed a Nazi-concentration camp survivor who had been involved in a sadomasochistic relationship with a brutal guard. That interview was the inspiration for this perverse and explicit cult classic set in Vienna in 1957. Celebrated British actor Dirk Bogarde (Victim, The Servant) gives a chilling performance as a former SS officer who is now the night porter at a strange hotel occupied by ex-Nazis. When a beautiful young woman (Charlotte Rampling) checks in with her husband, Bogarde immediately recognizes her as one of his victims. Flashbacks of humiliation, torture, and rape reveal the horror of his abuse, and yet Rampling enthusiastically agrees to resume their sordid "love" affair. A disturbing study of cruelty, pain, and the reversal of power, Cavani's controversial film exposes the twisted psyches of both the oppressor and the oppressed.

Tape is in used but good condition ... plays fine on my VCR.
Box sleeve is also in good condition.

Bidding starts at just $1.99 with NO RESERVE.

Buyer pays for shipping ... $1.50/ Media Mail or $3.50/ Priority for U.S. destinations ... outside U.S., shipping cost based on lowest available Airmail rate.

Acceptable payment: PayPal, Billpoint, BidPay, money order, cashier's check, personal check (must clear before shipping), or cash (at buyer's risk). All payment must be in U.S. currency, payable through a U.S. bank. Expected within 2 weeks of auction end date.

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